Welcome to Twente, the Silicon Valley of the Netherlands. Twente is the place where the IT & Tech top talents of today flourish and grow into the world changers of tomorrow. Because when it comes to IT and technology, Twente is like a rocket spearhead solar energy bike on WiFi. And then you might think that there is no such thing at all, but in Twente you never know. In Twente, developments are taking place that ensure that the world is ready for tomorrow.

A day full of inspiration, innovation and entertainment.

Datascouting, virtual en augmented reality and advanced digital facial recognition. Datascouting, virtual and augmented reality and advanced digital facial recognition. These are just a few of the developments that currently distinguish companies in Twente worldwide. Developments about which you want to know more and what will be discussed during Today&Beyond In an accessible event and informal setting, Twente’s top companies and inspiring pioneers an insight into their unlimited ambitions and their view of the future.